Yorkshire Championships 2024

Sunday 18th February 2024 – Ponds Forge Sheffield

It was a wet grey cloudy Sunday but South Holderness Swim Club set their satnavs south their destination Ponds Forge, Sheffield. The aim of the day represent the club in the Yorkshire Championships team races in the beautiful 50 metre pool.

The best of the best across all of Yorkshire rocked up to Ponds Forge on this day to participate in the Yorkshire Championships and the place was electric.

We were very excited to be showcasing 9 SHSC relay teams for 2024. The club had 5 relay teams for the morning session and 4 relay teams in the afternoon session.

To put this into perspective we were only able to field 3 teams in the 2023 Yorkshire Championships so this year was a great achievement and shows how far we have come as a club being out in force with 3 times as many teams.

With team leader Paul and coach Tracey poolside we were ready for the day.

Morning warm up went well with a few shocked faces as they dived in. The water is a lot colder in this pool compared to home. The swimmers did not believe us but it’s supposed to help them swim faster.

We had a lovely team photo of our morning swimmers, which Alfie purposely avoided (you will be full centre next time!).

The swimmers were in good spirits but a few nerves for our debutants. Huge thanks to a number of older swimmers who helped calm and reassure them. It brought great team spirit to the stands and helped ready everyone for their races.

The teams lined up for their relays and off to the blocks they went to give it their best!

We made it through the morning session with all teams achieving times and no disqualifications.

The afternoon team members joined us and the excitement increased after the success of the morning relays.

Second warm up completed with further shocked faces as they entered the cold water and we were all set for the afternoon session ahead.

The teams supported each other brilliantly and cheered each other on. Again the teams completed their respective Freestyle and Medley relays with style and determination and we again clocked times for all relays with no disqualifications.

The relay change over practice really came into play and was demonstrated throughout the day by our clean sheet on take overs – well done all.

Teams for the – AM Session

Girls 11/12 IM & FREE RELAY

A. Amelia, Charlotte, Macey, Lottie

B. Freya, Grace, Emily, Isabelle

Girls 15/16 IM & FREE RELAY

Evie, Imogen, Charlotte, Maia

Boys 13/14 IM & RELAY

Lewis, Cole, Aaron, Austin

Boys 13&over IM RELAY

Alfie, Lewis, Robert, Ian

Boys 13&over FREE

Alfie, Robert, Cole, Ian

Teams for the PM session

Boys 11/12 IM & FREE RELAY

A. Tyler, Ben, Max, George

B. Adam, Billy, Oscar, Tyson

Girls 13/14 IM & FREE RELAY

Caydence, Jessica, Chloe, Ella

Girls 13&over I’M RELAY

Hayley, lola, Sophie, Caydence

Girls 13&over FREE RELAY

Hayley, lola, Sophie, Chloe

All swimmers were absolutely superb and the behaviour was impeccable – thank you.

Big mentions to…

– Imogen well done for giving it your best and trying so hard we hope you feel better soon.

and also thank you for helping me sort the teams out in the stand.

– Hayley for stepping up to support the 15/16 relays this morning.

– Chloe and Caydence for also swimming in the 13 year and over relays this afternoon.

– Cole who also swam up for both teams allowing us to field the 13 year and over boys.

Well done to Macey for teeth gritted determination swimming both her lengths with goggles around her mouth and nose (we need to try double hats those goggles literally couldn’t have been any tighter).

These are but a few mentions. All swimmers did absolutely amazing and were a pleasure to support. Team race galas are fast paced and fun with every swimmer wanting to do their best for their team mates and they really did do this today!

Super proud of you all and look forward to our next one!

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